As your baby is growing every day, he/she needs to consume nutritious food. Here are 10 essential nutrients that you need to pay attention to in your baby's diet.


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1. Calcium

Calcium will help your baby build strong bones and teeth. In addition, calcium also helps develop the nervous system and muscle functions, helps blood clotting normally and helps the body convert food into energy.

2. Essential fatty acids

Essential fatty acids will help build cells, regulate the nervous system, strengthen the cardiovascular system, build the immune system and help the body absorb nutrients. They are essential for healthy brain functions and vision.

3. Iron

This is an important substance for making hemoglobin - the red pigment that contains oxygen in the blood, and myoglobin - the pigment that stores oxygen in muscles. Lack of iron can cause anemia, which in turn leads to fatigue, weakness and irritability in your baby.

4. Magnesium

Magnesium helps babies keep bones strong and heart rate stable. In addition, magnesium also supports the immune system and helps maintain muscle and nerve function.

5. Potassium

Potassium works with sodium to control water balance in the body, helping to maintain blood pressure. In addition, potassium also supports muscles and heart rate. In later years after your baby has grown, potassium can reduce the risk of kidney stones and osteoporosis.

6. Vitamin A

Vitamin A plays an important role in bone and vision development. Vitamin A also helps to protect the baby's body from inflammatory diseases, as well as promotes the health and growth of cells and body tissues including hair, nails and skin.

7. Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps form and repair red blood cells, bones and tissues; Help keep your child's gums healthy and strengthen blood vessels, reduce bruising. Besides vitamin C also helps to heal wounds, boosts the immune system, helps infected wounds not spread to other areas. In addition, vitamin C also helps your baby's body absorb iron from iron-rich foods that babies eat every day.

8. Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps the body absorb minerals like calcium, helps babies build strong teeth and bones. Vitamin D is also needed for the baby to achieve the desired growth rate and to assist in building the structure of his or her bones. Moreover, vitamin D also functions as a hormone that plays an important role in your baby's immune system, insulin production and cell growth regulation.

9. Vitamin E

Vitamin E restricts the production of free radicals that can damage cells in the body. In addition vitamin E is also very important for immunity, DNA repair and other metabolic processes in the baby's body.

10. Zinc

This is required for 70 enzymes to aid digestion and metabolism. Zinc is also extremely essential for your baby's growth.


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Recognizing the importance of these nutrients will help you grasp what your baby needs, so you can build a healthy and nutritious diet specifically for your baby.


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