After illness, the baby needs more care to not lose weight

Young children often have very weak resistance. Therefore, after being sick, the child's body will be pale and it is very easy to lose serious weight. That is why, taking good care of your baby after getting sick is something that mothers especially need to pay attention to. So how to take care of children after illness to help children gain weight quickly? Subscribe to the following article for more details.

Children who are sick are more likely to lose weight seriously

How to take care of your child after getting sick

Split into several small meals

Instead of making your child eat 3 full meals a day as before. Then when the child has not completely recovered from the disease. Parents need to divide meals into 4-5 meals a day. By doing so, the child's body will quickly absorb nutrients without causing discomfort to the child's stomach.

Eat soft foods

When the child's body is weak, it is not good to offer the baby dry or hard foods. Instead, parents need to feed their children easy-to-digest foods to help their child's body recover from illness. Some easy-to-digest foods that parents need to provide for children are as follows: Porridge, soup,...

Additional protein for children

Protein-rich foods are also one of the food groups that help babies gain weight quickly after illness that mothers need to add to their daily diets. Accordingly, foods such as meat, fish, milk, eggs, beans, ... contain many nutrients to help children quickly regain their strength and rosy skin.

Making dishes according to your child's preferences

Sick children often have no interest in eating. So, to help your baby feel the food more delicious. Mothers need to feed their babies normal foods they like to eat, which will help children enjoy eating more. However, you also need to choose healthy options. But at the same time guaranteed to make children love.

Delicious foods for children need to be colorful and vividly decorated. It helps arousing children's curiosity as well as interest and appetite. At the same time, parents also need to change the menu so that it is diversified and processed into many dishes from one food to stimulate the child to eat.

Eating foods of interest will make children more excited

Do not force the child to eat if he does not want to

Because the child is thin, many parents accidentally force their child to eat too much to make the child gain weight quickly. But this is beyond the baby's ability to allow. In fact, experts have also stated that it is not necessary for children to absorb it all by forcing too many nutrients. They need to be suitable for the child's body. If you do not know and force your child to eat too much, they only make it difficult for the baby's digestive system to absorb the nutrients, but also make the baby even more poor and afraid.

Get your child active regularly

To help your child gain weight quickly after the illness, it is also a very good way for your child to exercise regularly. The common mentality of many parents is that they are afraid their children will get tired and make them lie down all day. However, if it is from about 30 minutes to 1 hour before a meal. If the child is properly mobilized, the organs will be mobilized effectively, the child's spirit will also be happy. In particular, the digestive system after being properly functioning will also easily absorb nutrients from the meal in the best way.

Give your child enough fluids

The child's body is up to 70% water. Therefore, it is extremely important to rehydrate your baby after the illness, especially for babies who have diarrhea or have a fever. So, the best way is that parents need to rehydrate to help children regain their resistance as quickly as possible. For children with runny nose or respiratory infections, drinking plenty of water is also a way to support the child's airway to be clearer.

The rehydration of children is not simply filtered water. Parents can also let their newly recovered children drink fresh milk, juice, seed milk, vitamins, cereals, ... in their child's snacks. Thanks to that, the baby will gain weight faster after the illness.

Supplement vitamins and minerals

In addition to supplementing protein-rich foods, parents should also strengthen children with a variety of fruits and vegetables to provide the most essential vitamins, fiber and minerals. Some important vitamins that mothers need to supplement are vitamins A, B, D, C, E and other minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, and magnesium.

Or, you can also supplement vitamins and minerals for children through NUTRIGEN SUPRA SYRUP. This product provides children with up to 13 vitamins and 10 essential minerals to help enhance development. At the same time, it helps children grow tall, healthy and support the most effective functions of the body.

NUTRIGEN SUPRA SYRUP provides vitamins and minerals for children

After illness, a child's body is often very weak and often loses weight. This is what makes parents very worried. Therefore, learning and applying methods of caring for children through the addition of nutrients is what people need to pay attention to. Hopefully, through the above article, parents will understand more and know how to best care for their children after the disease.

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