Children no longer anorexia, gain weight fast with these great moves

Anorexia in young children has long been a concern for many parents today. This situation in the long run will lead to serious malnutrition in children. It even affects the development process both physically and mentally. Therefore, from now on, parents should pay attention to taking care of their children from anorexia through the following helpful tips.

Create focus for your child

Many children tend to be absent from meals when they eat. This makes children often skip meals. Therefore, you should let your child sit at meals with family. During the meal should also not watch TV or do private work. Because otherwise the child will be very susceptible to the digestive system as well as the brain.

Split up your meals

Each person will have different diets, children will be similar. Some children will eat a lot, but others will eat very little. Therefore, for children who eat less, you should divide the meal into several small meals, this is called a snack. That way, the child can eat more dishes even if he eats less at the main meal.

Eating on schedule

One of the ways of anorexia in children is to create a habit of eating and resting properly. In particular, parents need to help their children always adhere to this habit regularly. This will help your baby not skip meals and teach him more discipline. Accordingly, you need to set out fixed meal times for children to follow.

Sit at the table neatly

During meals, you should practice your child sitting at the table neatly. If the baby does not sit firmly, the baby can sit on the mother's lap. If the child is older, he can sit and eat by himself. The habit of sitting at the table like that will help children realize the importance of each meal.

Change the way of cooking

Children anorexia also comes from processed food that is not suitable for the child's taste. Therefore, mothers should often observe children do not like or like to eat to measure how to change the way of cooking.

Besides, the beautiful and eye-catching decoration of food is also a way to help children feel interested in the food. This is considered one of the best ways that many mothers apply in cooking for their children.

Create a habit of like eating meat and fish in children

Meat and fish are always considered one of the foods rich in nutrients and essential for the development of children. However, not all children like to eat meat and fish. Therefore, mothers need to prepare dishes from meat and fish so that their children no longer show fear or cry every time they see this dish.

Change dishes

If the child repeatedly does not accept a certain food. Then it is very likely that the child does not want and dislike the food. The reason may be the food is not good for the taste or the child is tired of having to eat them often. This leads to the situation of children suffering from anorexia rather than danger.

Your job at this time is to change the food for children regularly so that they always feel renewed. This is also a way to help children develop a lot better.

Children should eat more vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits are often loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals. This is also an indispensable side dish in today's family menu and also a nutritious dish to support the development of children. However, green vegetables are something that children hate because it is bitter and bland. Therefore, from a very young age, they learn to eat. Then you should add vegetables to your child in daily meals to let them get used to. After that, the fish meat is added to help children balance nutrients effectively.

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