Children often ill - Expressions and ways to overcome

Seeing your baby healthy is always what all mothers and fathers in this world hope for. However, the younger the child, the weaker the child's resistance will be. That is why you can completely see that babies under 3 years old are often sick. Because at this time, the baby's immune system is still in the process of getting better and better. Therefore, if not taken care of. In the long run, this will lead to extremely dangerous respiratory diseases in children.

A child who has a small illness is what worries many parents

Expressions in children are often trivial

Compared to healthy kids, the sick kids are usually much weaker. Their expressions always looked pale and less energetic than their peers. Nearly every month these trivial babies will experience a runny nose, cough, or constant wheezing. Especially in times of seasonal weather, children are more susceptible to respiratory diseases or poor digestive system.

Causes and consequences

It is not natural that new born babies are usually . Because at this time, the baby's immune system is still weak and not really perfect. Not only that, the abuse of drugs and antibiotics from a young age also makes the child's resistance not healthy.

At the same time, parents have not yet provided their children with necessary nutrients to increase their child's resistance. Accordingly, the nutrients that children need include selenium, zinc, copper, iron, manganese or vitamins C, A, D ... In addition, the parent's protection for the child is also a way to make the child gradually become better. The most typical example is not to let children contact the outside world, do sports or play with friends of the same age.

Of course, such “cage-up” is not a good method at all. Because as you have also seen, a child who is often eroded is a child who is losing the freedom to develop and improve himself. Instead of being able to grow healthy and play with you. These kids will have to constantly focus on energy and nutrition so that they don't get sick constantly. Not only that, but having weak resistance is one of the potential dangers from bacteria and viruses around.

Children often get sick very often, which will easily lead to many bad health consequences in the future

How to prevent children from falling ill

In order to no longer fall ill, mothers need to pay more attention in caring for and providing essential nutrients for the child with some following way:

- Put your baby to sleep on time and get enough sleep. Limit for children to stay up late

- Keep the children's personal hygiene as well as the living area is always airy and clean.

- Children are fully vaccinated according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

- Regularly engage your child in outdoor activities that involve physical fitness. Or expose your child to the outside world more.

- Balance the nutrients in the child's body. Particular attention should be paid to the addition of nutrients and minerals that play an important role in the child's immune system. Typically: zinc, iron, selenium, copper, manganese and vitamins A, C, D ...


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