Children's memory can start training from 3.5 months old

The fact that children have the ability to memorize from the age of 3.5 months sounds absurd, but the explanation is extremely convincing. During this stage, children will be able to begin to develop their memory skills by seeing similarities from 30 seconds. As for children from 5 months old, they only need about 20 seconds to be able to remember primitive.

As well as Dr. Reynolds, G. D., Department of Psychology at the University of South Carolina in the US has pointed out that. Memory abilities in children need to be repeated over a long period of time.

Children from 3.5 months old have the ability to memorize

Need to conduct brain orientation for children

When your baby begins to learn or participate in any play activity. They will follow a sequence of sequences of oriented approach strategies to better understand the activity. Accordingly, this child's strategy includes 4 goals:

- First, children will proceed to observe the gestures their parents are expressing to better understand their feelings. Then they turn that feeling into their own feelings.

- After that, the child will continue to pay attention to hear her mother repeat the same words for the purpose of describing the activity. Each time, the child will need about 20-30 seconds to complete memorization. After memorizing, children will automatically understand how the game works.

- Besides, children also gradually develop an awareness of the appearance and existence of an activity. For example, you could take a toy plane and move it in the air. Over time, your child will realize that that act of flight is a way for them to move.

- Imitation is one of the things that makes children extremely excited. Because children want to experience, through it will prove that the palanquin is true or not.

Parents need to conduct brain orientation for children

As can be seen, all of the above goals are learned and learned from their parents' side. They will also enjoy drawing attention to their parents by reacting well when, for example, you hold a toy. It is known that this is a way for children to check their language and feelings. At the same time, children 3 - 5 months old still cannot speak, so they often make eye contact to talk to you. This is an action the baby is learning.

Strategic application "oriented approach"

So that children can experience all 4 goals that they are orientating in the best way. Parents should increase interaction for their children. Typically, you can show many different emotions on your face such as happiness, surprise ... At the same time, parents should also repeat some important ideas that you want your child to be able to learn.

Besides, you should also create conditions to increase the form of play in your child. Through some games such as taking things out of the basket and then putting them back, counting things, ... Not only that, if you catch your child trying to imitate your actions and language. You should also encourage your child to comply. Don't be afraid that your baby will make a mistake, because these experiences will help your baby to evaluate himself and return to the first process. This is extremely good for forming a child's curiosity.

 Parents need to take the initiative so that children can easily remember

In the process of re-evaluation by the child. You should also communicate with your baby. Because this will promote easier learning. Hopefully with the sharing of Amvipharm above, you will have a lot more experience in the process of teaching children.

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