So let's learn with Amvipharm some vitamins and minerals that support your child's height development!

Vitamins and minerals are essential for the optimal development of the child's height. Parents always want their children to have a good health, an outstanding height, so always find ways for their children to develop the best. But, to develop height for children, nutritional supplementation is the most essential. So let's learn with Amvipharm some vitamins and minerals that support your child's height development!

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is considered an especially important source of nutrients for your baby's embryo. Vitamin A plays an essential role in the development of the skeleton.

Foods high in vitamin A include: animal liver (goose, pork, chicken, ...), dairy, eggs, fish, ... dark green vegetables such as greens, vegetables cabbage, water spinach, ... yellow fruits such as orange, papaya, mango, jackfruit, …

Vitamin A is essential for the child's height development

Signs that children are deficient in Vitamin A:

 - Children grow slowly, tired

 - Dry eyes, little tears

 - Dry, rough, rough skin

 - No pink nails

 - Or miserable

In order to fully supplement Vitamin A for children, in addition to daily meals, parents should also give their children Vitamin A periodically.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B has the effect of increasing the resistance, the immune system, helping the baby to eat well and absorb the necessary nutrients.

Foods rich in vitamins B such as red meats, soybeans, grains, ...

Signs that children are deficient in Vitamin B:

 - Anorexia

 - Have diarrhea or constipation

 - No weight gain, little urine

Note: Vitamins are easily dissolved in water when the water is at high temperature, so parents should pay attention during cooking to not lose this vitamin source. And do not soak vegetables for too long in water, soaking too long in water will easily wash away the nutrients of the food.


Calcium is a mineral that directly affects the height development of children.

Calcium-rich foods include: milk, shellfish (oysters, snails, ...), soybeans, shrimp, ...

The signs of calcium deficiency children:

 - Teeth are late

 - Underdeveloped height

 - Sweating while sleeping

Calcium is a nutrient that has a direct impact on the child's height development

To supplement calcium for children, parents should expose children to sunlight in the early morning or cool afternoon for about 10 to 20 minutes so that the baby's body can absorb calcium better.


In vitamins and minerals, Iron is an indispensable component for a child's body. In particular, iron also plays a role in supporting height development for children.

 - Foods high in iron include: fish meat, peas, watercress, amaranth, ...

 - Milk with iron supplements.

 - Whole grains, especially barley and oats

 - Some seeds such as sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, pecans ...

 - Types of fish and molluscs such as clams, clams ...

For poultry, thigh meat is the most concentrated place for iron. The darker the meat, the more iron it contains.

Iron is most commonly found in animal liver, nuts, ...

In order for the child's body to absorb iron the best, it is advisable to combine the food with foods high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is rich in fruits and vegetables such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit, ...

The signs of iron deficiency:

 - Young skin is often itchy

 - Soft, brittle nails

 - His face was pale

 - Unfocused

 - Tired body


Zinc is also a nutrient that supports children's height development. Zinc helps stimulate stature development, increase height, muscles and weight. Many studies have shown that, zinc has a marked effect on the height and weight development of children.

Hopefully, with the information about height development for children with vitamins and minerals that Amvipharm has just shared, they will help parents to have an effective method in developing children's height.

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