Don't let weight be a pressure on both mother and baby

Many people today often have the view that the younger the chubby, the more adorable it will be. This leads to a child's stunting, which will result in mothers being criticized for not taking care of their children well. But in fact, for your baby to gain weight in a healthy way has never been an easy journey. It's like an invisible pressure on today's mothers and the babies.

So how to weight is no longer a worry on both mother and baby. Please join Amvipharm right after the following article for more details.

The child's weight is a worry of many mothers

Criteria for children to be healthy

In order for children to develop healthy, they are required to meet the following criteria:

 - Healthy immune system: When children have a good immune system, they can fight off the surrounding sources of diseases or bacteria. However, not all children have the same immune system. It also largely depends on quite a few factors. Among them is the nutrition regimen for children to quickly gain weight.

 - The child's weight and height should be appropriate for the age: Accordingly, the harmony between the three above factors is a reflection of the child's health status. With this indicator, you will know which condition the child is in. Whether the child is underweight or overweight. From there, new parents find solutions to prevent and avoid the dangers of harm to the baby's health.

The secret to helping your baby gain healthy weight

If the child is in a state of malnutrition and underweight. Parents can follow the following ways for children to gain healthy weight.

Give your child a scientific diet

It is not just that if you eat a lot, you will gain weight, this is a completely wrong assumption that many people are mistaking. Because it can inadvertently cause the child's body to be obese, severely overweight. In fact, children who want to gain weight just need a scientific diet for their immune system to function properly.

Accordingly, parents need to practice healthy eating habits for children from a young age. The diet also needs to ensure the diversity of foods including fats, proteins, starches, fibers, ... In addition, parents should not let their children consume too much sugar and salt or saturated fats in the body.

Need to provide children with nutritious and scientific meals

Stay hydrated

For the digestive system to function in the most smooth way. Mothers should add water or other liquids from broths, soups, juices or milk, ...

Exercise regularly

At least an hour after dinner or before meals, you can take your child for a walk or do some exercises before meals. Avoid sitting or being inactive after eating for a better digestive system.

Chew thoroughly

Parents should divide into several meals a day for their children. Accordingly, the baby may not eat much during that meal. But children need to chew more carefully so that the digestive system does not need to overactive.

Children should not be stressed

Stress is one of the problems that affects a child's entire body, including the digestive system. Therefore, instead of scolding for children refusing to eat. You should be soft and make your child feel loved and safe. This is also one of the ways to help the child's digestive system develop better and much healthier.

Pay attention to your child's meal diary

In the process of preparing baby food, you should pay attention to foods that seem to cause discomfort or bloating for your child. To be sure, you need to keep these items in a separate journal. At the same time also record all of the baby's feelings when eating this dish. Through that, you will know how to reduce the amount of food when you feed your baby next time.

For example, if you feed your baby a lot of acidic foods like citrus fruits. Children are more likely to experience heartburn.

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