Emotions - a developing part of an infant

Parents, please join us to learn about babies' feelings in the article below!

For the development of infants, emotions are an inevitable part of forming a baby's personality in the future. Sometimes parents do not understand how the baby feels? And how develop their babies’ emotions? Parents, please join us to learn about babies' feelings in the article below!

Development of infants under 4 months of age

The development of a newborn in the first years of life is most clearly demonstrated, including the baby's emotions. At this time, baby's perceptions are spontaneous and uncontrollable. When hungry, baby cries, when wet diapers or heavy walks, babies cry, babies are uncomfortable then babies cry. At this time, the baby can only cry to express his feelings instead of his words.

At a few weeks old, the baby knows how to imitate the parents' actions and expressions and can look intently. When happy, babies laugh excitedly, and when upset, they cry. The baby's facial expressions will receive feedback from parents. That is to meet the needs of the child. When they are answered, they learn to trust and connect.

During the first 4 months of life, children can only cry to show emotions

For those who are parents for the first time, there are certainly many things that are confused and do not understand the baby's feelings. So in order to understand the baby's feelings at this time, parents must pay attention and listen to the child's emotional language through the crying, so parents can understand what their child is wanting.

Emotional level in the development of children from 4-8 months old

For children from 4 to 8 months old, at this time the baby can distinguish relatives and strangers. Sometimes the baby will cry or be upset when a stranger holds it. At this time, the baby's feelings are clearer and parents can understand what their baby wants. Children laugh more often, even know how to joke with their parents, limbs are always moving when excited or wincing when scolded, crying when strangers hold them.

During the period of 4-8 months, babies can recognize where strangers are, what are acquaintances

At this point, it is common for babies to wake up and cry when they are sleeping. At this time, mothers should practice babies to control their emotions so that they can feel secure and do not cry when they wake up in the middle.

Infant stage from 8 months to 1 year

The child's emotional expressions around this time are even more pronounced. Children can remember and learn a lot from their parents and those around them. Baby's emotions are shown through daily gestures and actions that are stronger and stronger. When meeting strangers, babies will hunch their heads on friends, embrace parents, grandparents, relatives and enjoy playing with peers.

The baby's emotional level is more evident in the period of 8 months to 1 year

Besides smiling and happy emotions, angry still goes hand in hand with the child's emotional levels. Babies can eat, cry and ask for something. Parents often ignore their children because their children do not know anything. These emotional behaviors of children are not good, so you need to strictly show them how to control their emotions, show them what to do and what not to do.

How to promote infant emotional development

Emotional development for infants is something that deserves more attention and attention. Here are ways to boost infants' emotional development:

 - Start with communication. When your baby wakes up, take time to talk to him, cuddle, and comfort him.

 - Let your baby know that there is nothing wrong with anger, but need to know how to express it and manage it.

 - Use simple facial expressions when talking with your baby. Because at this time the baby is not old enough to understand.

 - If your baby is often angry, find a way to distract or do something funny, happy to calm him down.

 - Help your baby feel safe and encourage him to explore new things.


An infant's emotional development is very much dependent on parents. Because parents are the people who contact and be closest to their children. As a parent, develop your child's feelings in every possible way but be safe, happy and comfortable. Hopefully, sharing the baby's feelings will help those who are parents for the first time.

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