Help children learn to protect their eyes from an early age

Many children have impaired vision as a child. Therefore, many parents think that only eye surgery can make the child's eyesight improve again. However, the reality is that there are still many other natural methods to help improve children's eyesight. Here are some of the most detailed methods that parents should apply for their children to best protect their children's eyes.

Protecting children's eyes from an early age is what we should do

There are several effective methods to help protect children's eyes

Let your baby go to bed early

Staying up late is not a good habit for the eyes. Therefore, parents should practice habits for children to go to bed on time. Getting enough sleep not only improves eyesight in children. But it also ensures the development of the child.

Wash your child's eyes after waking up

In the morning as soon as the baby wakes up. Besides brushing and washing the child's face. Parents should also practice the habit of careful eye-washing. By wetting with a medical gauze or a clean towel. Then, use eye towels in the direction from top to bottom and from outside to inside.

As for the eyelid area in children, you can also instruct your child to clean themselves by using a cotton swab and cleaning the base of the eyelash. Absolutely do not touch the conjunctiva and should use warm water to wash the eyes.

Do some eye exercises

If you want to improve your child's eyesight. You can also teach your child some eye exercises. It is best to be a role model for children to learn and know how to protect their eyes well.

For exercises, you can guide your child from the simplest exercises. For example, focus on looking at an object in the car, observe an object closely for about 10 - 15 seconds. Then, focus on something very close and repeat 3 - 5 times.

Do eye exercises to improve your child's eyesight

Do not put too much strain on the child's eyes

Many parents just because they want their children not to play, so they let their children freely watch TV, phone, .... However, this is the main cause of destroying children's eyesight. Because these activities will make the child's eyes no longer have time to relax and rest.

If the child's eyes work too hard for a long time. Over time they will develop serious vision problems. Children will be nearsighted, confused or farsighted. So, to improve children's eyesight in the best way. Parents should encourage their children to be active outdoors instead of sitting for hours in front of the computer as before.

Improve your child's diet

To improve your child's vision, encourage your child to eat plenty of green vegetables and fruits. In addition, children should also supplement many foods containing Omega-3, beta carotene, and Vitamin A. These are all ingredients that help ensure improved eyesight. In addition, whole grains also help reduce macular degeneration in the eye area of ​​children.

Try to let your child have regular bowel movements

Frequent constipation can adversely affect the child's eyesight. Therefore, parents need to make a balanced diet for the child. Also, encourage your child to drink plenty of fluids to avoid constipation. Not only that, parents should also pay attention to the child's daily defecation problem. Because in many cases, children are busy playing without paying attention to having to defecate.

Besides the above ways, you can also combine to use more products NUTRIGEN OMEGA FISH OIL SYRUP. This is a product that helps supplement Omega 3, Omega 6, DHA, EPA, some vitamins and minerals to support the eyes and brain in the best way. Thanks to that, from an early age, children's eyes will be best protected.


The above are the most popular and effective methods that you should apply to protect your child's eyes from an early age. Hope the above information of Amvipharm will be effective for you.

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