Helping your child practice memory is not difficult

Children's education is probably one of the issues that parents always put on priority. However, many parents often feel worried because the situation of easy to forget after learning occurs in many children. This inadvertently makes the child's quality of education seriously impaired. Therefore, right in the following article, Amvipharm will introduce you ways to help children practice memory effectively.

Many children often experience distraction while studying


Her grandparents used to say, "A hundred or not by hand". This sentence implies that the more you practice, the longer you will remember. Likewise, you can also apply the same to your child. For example, when your child is solving a problem. Mothers should encourage their children to work over and over again. At this point, the child's brain will quickly recall familiar memories. So, if your child has a similar problem then. Children can also do it easily.


Forcing children to focus on studying for long hours is not an effective method. Because it will make the baby lose a lot of energy from the brain as well as the body. At this time, the child will easily become tired and lose concentration. Because the brain if not rested will be overloaded. This leads to knowledge being confused by too much cramming.

So, after learning about 30-45 minutes. Parents should give their children a break for 5 - 15 minutes between school hours. Next, the mother will let the baby review what the child has just finished learning before moving on to a new topic. This will help your baby remember the lesson extremely quickly and effectively.

Children need enough sleep

Perhaps many of you still do not know. But sleep plays an extremely important role in strengthening a child's brain. Children will remember what they learned during the day. Not only that, getting enough sleep is also a way for a child's brain to rest after hard learning.

Not only that, in the process that the baby sleeps. Your child's memories will be removed from unnecessary information. As a result, important knowledge that has been repeated again will easily reside in the brain. That word will be easier for children to recall when they are needed.

Getting enough sleep helps strengthen the child's brain

Do not let your child be distracted by external factors

When children study, to be able to memorize, they need maximum concentration. Because when you focus on books. Children will be much easier to memorize the lesson. Therefore, parents should avoid distracting children by unnecessary noise. Because just a small sound or voice will make children lose concentration and interrupt memorization.

Make a schedule for your child

When children begin to show signs of forgetting knowledge that they have learned earlier. Parents need to start reviewing their child right away by setting a suitable schedule. The review time for a child can be scheduled after a few hours as the child begins to acquire a new knowledge. Then it will be a day or more after that to revise your child.

Because if the child rote learning, he will only remember for a short time and forget everything after a day or a week. Therefore, it is very essential for children to review regularly. It will help children to quickly consolidate the knowledge that they have learned earlier. This helps the brain to store and retain more important information.

In addition, parents should not make children feel pressured and stressed every time they go to the desk. Because the pressure will cause the child to become afraid and make the child unable to absorb anything. Anxiety takes up brain energy and makes it difficult for children to note new knowledge.

In addition to the above ways, you can also supplement your child with NUTRIGEN OMEGA FISH OIL SYRUP. This is a product that provides Omega 3, Omega 6, DHA, EPA, a number of vitamins and minerals that are good for the eyes and brain. Thanks to that, the child will promote better in their learning.

NUTRIGEN OMEGA FISH OIL SYRUP helps the child's brain develop better

Regardless of the father, every mother wants their children to study successfully. Therefore, from now on, you also need to take action so that children can better memorize knowledge.

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