How does digestion affect each other?

Does brain development and digestive system affect each other? And need to find the best solutions for the baby's digestive system that mothers need to grasp. Let's learn more about this in the article below.

Does brain development and digestive system affect each other? And need to find the best solutions for the baby's digestive system that mothers need to grasp. Let's learn more about this in the article below.

The digestive system has an impact on the brain of the child

Not only affects the digestive system but also has a great impact on the strong brain development in children. Let's find out.

The digestive system produces serotonin to help children develop brain

In the set are effective to help regulate sleep, bring appetite and promote connection speed of nerve xinap. This connection enhances the brain's ability to receive and process unbelief. It is the basis to help children develop brain from mother.

How does digestion affect each other?

 Besides, the gut is the place that produces the most serotonin. When healthy, the digestive system can produce 95% of the body's serotonin. This means that in order to have more serotonin neurotransmitters to develop the brain, the baby needs a good digestive system.

The digestive system helps to improve the immune system and protect the child's brain

The digestive system also helps to perfect the immune system to protect the baby's brain. This is due to the fact that the payer fragments, also known as the thrombophlebitis, are present on the intestinal wall, acting as a "training" for immune cells to fight off pathogens.

 - During the first 12 months of life, due to the incomplete immune system, the baby's body, including a brain, is very vulnerable to environmental and harmful factors such as weather, dust or disease. Building a healthy digestive system is the first foundation for strengthening the immune system.

 - The immune system is like a shield to help repel bacteria, viruses to protect the baby from disease. In particular, the digestive system is the organ that is most involved in improving the immune system.

Effects of the brain on the digestive system of young children.

The brain controls all organs in the body, including digestion through the nervous system. Therefore, when the brain is weakened, the nervous system receives wrong information, thereby causing the baby's digestive system to function incorrectly. This may result in the child's poor nutritional absorption, susceptibility to intestinal diseases or diarrhea ...

There is a lot of research showing that when stressed, children can also be constipated, digestive disorders and stomach pain. It may affect environmental impacts such as noise, extreme weather or pain in the baby's body.

How can children have a healthy digestive system?

In the first months of life, your baby has to go through basic nutritional doubts, which are the first stage of breastfeeding and the stage of weaning. Mothers need to develop a nutritional diet suitable for their child's digestive system, including:

Need for young children to eat scientifically to avoid affecting the intestinal tract

Child stage from 0-6 months

At this stage it can be completely used with breast milk. Therefore, mothers need to focus on their own diet or supplement baby formula to support nutrition when mothers do not have milk.

Mothers need to eat and drink scientifically to have quality milk

 - Mother needs to eat and drink a sufficient amount of nutrients to ensure the quality of milk. Breast milk has natural antagonists, thus helping to strengthen the baby's immune system.

 - Mothers need to stay away from unhealthy plants and substances such as beer, coffee, raw foods ... in order not to cause constipation and diarrhea.

Choosing milk is good for the digestive system and brain of children.

 - Choosing milk containing HMO is good milk for the digestive system of babies. HMOs help nurture the free, intestinal microflora to help the baby's navigational system develop healthy.

 - DHA plays an important role in supporting brain development. This is not enough and oxidizes easily. Formula milk contains DHA to help develop more optimal brain to be able to direct the child's digestive system.

 - When choosing formula milk, mothers need to carefully look at the ingredients, preferring those that do not contain palm oil, as palm oil is a common ingredient in formula - high in acids that can cause constipation.

Period from 6 - 12 months

From the age of 6 months, your baby will start switching to a weaning diet. Therefore, mothers need to pay attention to the following to help you grow and be healthier.

The digestive system is the decisive factor for the development of the baby

Feeding the baby properly

 - Follow the principle of feeding your baby thin to solid foods according to each age.

 - Do not give juice to children when they are under 1 year old.

 - 6 months old mother should feed her baby

 - Do not let your baby lie down immediately after eating a full meal

 - Do not let your baby eat while running

 - Do not wake up the baby to eat while sleeping

 - Always follow the principle of eating well, drinking boiling ...

Supplementing digestive enzymes for children

Supplementation of digestive enzymes is also important for young children. Will help the intestines of young children work better, mothers can supplement as directed by the dentist.


Hope that the above information will help mothers to better understand the digestive system and help mothers orient their children according to scientific methods and intestinal digestive system for children. 

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