How to get rid of the sickness spells?

Children under 3 years old often have very weak resistance. That is also the reason why children often get petty sick. Typically, some common diseases such as bronchitis, pharyngitis, flu, ... These diseases often repeat when the wind becomes bad, adversely affecting children's health. However, depending on each child's developmental stage, there will be many causes for the child to get sick. So, the parents please watch the following article offline.

Children under 3 years old are often very susceptible to mild illness

Expression sickness in children according to each stage

Infants and young children: During this period, the child's immune system and digestive system are often very poor. Therefore, children with minor illness are often affected by factors outside the environment.

Children in kindergarten age: When they go to kindergarten, they will have to contact many other children, so they are often cross-infected with each other.

Young children: Children are in the age of needing to develop. Therefore, if the child does not receive adequate nutrition. Children will fall into a state of poor resistance as well as sickness.

Cause children often get sick

Poor resistance

Children under 3 years old often have very weak immune systems. Because every day, children have to be exposed to many external pathogens. Therefore, children will be very susceptible to infections. So, breastfeeding is a great way to bring great health to your baby.

Besides, because the digestive system is not really perfect, children also have difficulty digesting protein or lactose in formula milk. This leads to poor digestive system, gastrointestinal disturbances, vomiting, abdominal pain or diarrhea. In addition, children anorexia or use a lot of antibiotics is also something that affects the child's resistance.

Parents do not take care of their children properly

If parents are not solidly knowledgeable in child care. Especially in daily matters of eating or hygiene. These are all factors that make children sick often. In the case of frequent cough, runny nose or diarrhea. Parents need to check that the child's living environment is guaranteed. Because the living environment is clean and well ventilated, it can minimize the penetration of viruses and bacteria that cause disease in the body.

In addition, if the child does not eat or drink hygienic, it will make his / her body more susceptible to infections and dangerous viruses.

Treatment is not complete for diseases that require antibiotics

Some children often need antibiotics when they are sick. However, for some reason, many parents do not use the correct dose of antibiotics for their children. This leads to the child's illness but is not fully treated. It is very easy for children to get the disease again.

There are many reasons why childhood sickness won't go away

Helping children get rid of the most effective sickness

From the above reasons, Amvipharm wants to guide you to a number of reference ways to help children get well quickly.

 - Children often do not want to eat when they are sick. Therefore, mothers should prepare foods that are nutritious, easy to swallow and stimulate the taste buds so that children can easily have a better appetite.

 - Children should not be in close contact with sick people or with other sick children.

 - Children need to eat enough, get enough sleep and maintain a diet with adequate nutrients depending on each child's development stage.

 - Make sure your baby's living environment is clean and well ventilated.

 - When children encounter common diseases. Parents do not rush to use antibiotics immediately. Instead, find out for your child the ways to heal with drugs available in nature. However, you should have a doctor's appointment to use any medicine to be more effective.

 - Always strengthen the child's resistance. This helps the child's body to more easily fight off diseases through foods that increase resistance. In addition, mothers can immediately use the product: NUTRIGEN NATURALE IMMUNO SYRUP. This is a product that helps to improve health. At the same time strengthen the resistance, reduce the risk of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract due to poor resistance.


The above are the basic methods for parents to always control their children's health effectively. However, we should also spend more time with our children so that we can realize what stage of their health is. From there, learn and give the most effective treatment. If so, the situation of being sick in children will not be a big problem anymore.

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