How to make 2-year-olds obey and be more obedient

You should know that 2-year-olds at this stage are forming their own feelings, so during this time, it will take time and effort to come from both sides.

When you are a parent, you have seen your children stubborn and disobedient. At times like that, you feel like going crazy because your 2-year-old child doesn't cooperate or listen to you at all. You should know that 2-year-olds at this stage are forming their own feelings, so during this time, it will take time and effort to come from both sides. Below are ways that parents can refer to 2-year-olds obedient.

Ignore the baby

There are many parents who respond to their baby when a child is crying out and about. Doing so is not recommended, it is not a way of showing love to children but harming them. If a baby asks for something to have it immediately, in the long run he will learn selfishness and each time he cries, his parents will respond to it.

The solution now is that you should ignore the baby crying until the baby stops crying. Then you come beside and hold your baby in your lap to pamper your baby, tell him how to be good, what is bad and what he will get when he is bad, what will happen when he is bad, ...

When your baby cries, just ignore him

Teach your child to communicate using body language

For a 2-year-old baby, his or her communication vocabulary is not much and sometimes when the baby is crying and crying, parents do not understand what their child wants and what is wrong. The baby cannot speak, so he can only cry and eat. So you have to pay attention and talk to your baby often to understand your child's characteristics and you should teach him to express his body language. If you pay more attention to your baby, you will understand what your baby says and wants.

Control your anger

Many times your children are spoiled and you say they do not obey, at that time you will get extremely angry and just want to hit them. It shouldn't be at all. Understand that managing your anger is part of disciplining your 2-year-old babies. If you feel like you are becoming angry uncontrollably then go away and take a deep breath, when the anger is over, go back to your baby. Raising your baby has to be patient and listen to your baby more so that the two sides can understand each other.

Control your anger in teaching 2-year-olds

Give your baby what he wants, but with parental control

Most parents, when they see their child holding something fragile, panic and come to prevent their child from touching it. This is not good, because then the baby will feel he is not being met and will sneak away when no parents are there and will take it away. That is more dangerous. You should explain to your child that those objects are not toys, they are easy to bleed legs, hands and easy to be beaten.

Distract and divert your baby's attention

A parent's instinct is to keep their kids away from any unsafe place, but this often makes them angry and cry because they can't get what they want.

The trick is distracting and redirecting the baby by calling out their baby's name to get them back to you, then showing him something attractive, such as a chicken, a flower, the balloon ... let the baby forget where he wants to run.

Think like a 2 year old baby

Parents sometimes see their children playing dirty, so they get very angry. But for the baby, it is fun. Because of this age, babies tend to explore the world around them. Put your place on a 2-year-old so that you can understand the joy of exploring the world around you and allow him to play more freely.

Put yourself in your baby's shoes and think like babies to have fun with them

Help your baby explore

All 2-year-olds have a tendency to like to explore the world around them and do not know what to fear. You should show your baby what is safe and what is not to keep him away. That way, your child will have fun to explore life.

Set the scope to be explored

It is difficult to tell a child, "You can only play in one place and not play there" because most babies will forget soon after. Therefore, you should set the ranges your baby is allowed and not allowed to play. For example, do not let your baby go into the kitchen area with dangerous cutlery, do not let your baby touch electrical appliances, do not let your baby go near the pet pens ...

Punish the baby somewhere alone

If your child repeats bad behavior many times, you should leave him in a certain area for a short time to calm him down. When your baby calms down, explain to him why he was punished and why his or her behavior was wrong.


Raising a 2-year-old child to be more obedient and obedient is not a simple thing at all. For this age, you should be more persistent and strict in disciplining your baby. Do not get angry and hit your baby will lead to unfortunate negativity. Hopefully, with the sharing of how to make 2-year-olds obedient will help you in raising your baby.

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