At the time of changing season, the weather is often erratic, leading to a huge difference in temperature. Because of such weather, harmful bacteria and viruses have been developed rapidly. This is also the reason why children at this time are more susceptible to various diseases. Therefore, mothers do not ignore the following article to learn how to prevent diseases for children during this period.

Children often get sick at the time of changing season

Diseases that young babies easily acquired at the time of season change

Respiratory tract inflammation

When the weather changes, viruses are very easy to enter the child's body. They will disrupt the child's incomplete immune system, especially the respiratory system, and cause the child to suffer from respiratory infections.

This disease is usually spread by mouth, saliva, hand contact and eating utensils. When sick, children will experience symptoms such as sudden high fever, cold all over the body, headache, cough, sore throat, fatigue, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, mild diarrhea ...


With bronchitis, children often find it difficult to breathe, have heavy breathing, cough a lot, have phlegm, sore throat, and often have a runny nose. Mothers should also note that when babies cough with milky white phlegm, parents need to take their children to see a doctor immediately to avoid secondary infection.


Children's skin is usually very fragile, so when the weather turns the season, children will be very prone to weather allergies. At this time, the baby's skin will often be itchy and red, the baby will constantly be fussy and anorexic.


The flu is a very contagious respiratory illness. When your child has a cold, he or she will have a high fever. Accompanied by symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat, stuffy nose, cough and loss of appetite.


When your child has diarrhea, he or she will often vomit. After about 1-2 days, you will start going out continuously. Diarrhea usually lasts 3 - 7 days. Mothers should also note that when children are sick, they will lose water and salt. This is very dangerous because it can lead to other complications if the baby is not hydrated quickly.

During the changing seasons, children are very susceptible to various dangerous diseases

Preventive measures for children at the time of changing season

Wear suitable clothes

Seasonal weather is often quite erratic. Therefore, babies also need to be prepared to suit them. For example, if your baby goes to school, mothers need to prepare a thin coat for their children. Besides, if the weather turns cold, mothers need to prepare long-sleeved clothes for children. If it is hot, children should wear shorts for the most comfort.

When children are at home, mothers also need to prepare clothes for children to suit room temperature best. The best choice for mothers is to let their children wear cotton pajamas, which are easy to sweat. For children to get the most comfortable and stable sleep.

Eat cooked and drink boiled

The child's digestive system is not as good as that of adults, so during food processing, mothers should be 100% cooked. Besides, mothers should not let their children eat too much, only eat a moderate portion. Especially not for children to eat reheated food to protect the child's digestive system.

Healthy eating

In addition to eating boiled foods, mothers should also develop a healthy diet for their children. Restricting children from eating too many sweets, greasy foods, canned foods, ... Instead, mothers should feed children foods containing vitamins from meat, fish, eggs, milk, vegetables, fruits, ... At the same time, priority is given to boiled and stewed processing to maximize nutrients in food. In addition, mothers also need to ensure that children drink enough water during the day to always have the strongest resistance.

Wash your hands before eating

This is important that everyone must do before eating to ensure hygiene. However, not all children often remember the importance of this. Therefore, mothers need to regularly remind children to wash their hands with soap to form a habit for children right from the baby.

Have your child participate in active play

Young children are often active, so mothers do not worry that they will get sick when they run, play and play. On the contrary, mothers should encourage children to play and be active. Because when children are running and jumping, of course they will feel much more comfortable and healthy. At the same time building for children an immune system with extremely good resistance.

Mothers need to take care of their children with extremely effective protective measures

In the current seasonal weather, no mother wants her baby to be sick. Therefore, with the above sharing, we hope mothers will have more experiences to protect and care for their children to stay healthy in this weather condition.

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