The epidemic stage is still complicated, strengthening the baby's resistance is something that every parent is concerned about.

The epidemic stage is still complicated, strengthening the baby's resistance is something that every parent is concerned about. So how to help children stay healthy, against harmful agents from the outside environment. This article will provide useful shares for Parents to follow together!

The Ministry of Health (MOH) of Singapore recently confirmed a case of the youngest patient positive for Corona Virus (COVID - 19), so far receiving 1 case of a 6-month-old patient also positive for Covid - 19. The outbreak is still just the beginning, experts of the World Health Organization (WHO) are still concerned that an epidemic could disrupt fragile health systems, especially dangerous for people with weak immune systems, typically children.

So, for children, whose immune systems are incomplete or maturing, what should we do to "strengthen" this immune system!

Children: Fuel for Virus outbreaks

The Virus selection burns on continuously infecting those most susceptible, such as the elderly and children. The epidemic broke out like a fire. Viruses are flames, and the vulnerable, susceptible to infection are the fuel for an explosion.

Corona virus is the main cause of common illnesses such as colds, coughs, and other respiratory diseases. These viruses, called zoonoses, are viruses that have the ability to infect animals and spread from one animal to another. And man, is not the exception.

Symptoms of corona virus invade manifestation are cough, fever, difficulty breathing. There are some reports that some people infected with corona virus do not have cough, fever, or shortness of breath but present symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

If found and treated promptly, many people will recover in a short time. However, people with poor immune systems such as the elderly and young children can cause serious damage such as pneumonia, bronchitis.

Although so far there has not been any mortality in children, prevention is better than cure. Parents need to take the necessary precautions to protect children from this dangerous epidemic season.

Build the immune system, strengthen the child's resistance

To support the immune system, strengthen the child's resistance, help children get a good health, parents need to do the following:

Give your child plenty of water

Being hydrated is one of the ways to increase the child's resistance. Water works to carry white blood cells throughout the body, and at the same time flush toxins out of the body by sweat glands. With a sufficient supply of water each day will help the child's metabolism go better, providing the necessary nutrition for the cells. Therefore, parents should practice for children the habit of drinking enough water every day. The amount of water needed depends on the child's weight, age, and daily activities.

Let children drink plenty of water to increase resistance

Feeding children scientifically

There is a mistake that parents always force their children to eat too much, because they think that eating more will help provide more nutrients for their child. But parents need to care about how to feed their children properly? Parents should practice feeding on time and regularly every day. Regularly change the food menu to create the child's excitement with the meal while also providing a variety of nutrients from different dishes.

Food supplement contains many essential nutrients and vitamins for the body

Parents can enhance immunity and resistance for children with a reasonable daily diet with some foods as follows:

 - Green vegetables and fruits: this is an indispensable food in the child's menu, in addition to providing fiber, it also contains many vitamins such as A, C, and antioxidants. Vitamin C is a vitamin that has the ability to strengthen the resistance, promote the body to produce white blood cells, and to fight against the viruses that cause disease. With vegetables and fruits, parents can grind or chop them to help children eat easily.

Green vegetables are beneficial for children

 - Yogurt: yogurt contains many probiotics and probiotics to help your baby's digestive system be better.

 - Nuts: Nuts are rich in vitamins E, E3, B2 and essential minerals to build a healthy immune system. In seeds, vitamin E is a vitamin with antioxidant properties that helps cells grow healthy.

Nuts and seeds contain many vitamins

Use of supplements: there are some vitamins and minerals that are often absent or little in food, so to ensure a sufficient supply of nutrients for children, many parents today tend to use food supplement for children. These supplements contain many nutrients, combined with a reasonable diet, the child will have a sufficient source of nutrients for the body.

In addition to measures such as wearing a mask, washing hands regularly, ... building a reasonable diet will also help strengthen the child's resistance, especially during the ongoing Covid epidemic, especially, the situation is more complicated today. Hopefully, with the above useful shares, this article will help parents get a plan to help their children get the best health.

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