Instructions on how to properly add iron to your baby's diet

Iron is one of the minerals that is very important for the overall development of the baby. However, there are still many parents who are still wondering how to properly supplement iron for their children? Let's find out in the following article!

Iron deficiency is common in young children

Signs of iron deficiency in babies

For young children, iron supplementation plays an extremely important role in the overall development of the baby. Therefore, if the baby's diet is deficient in iron, it will definitely lead to the risk of severe anemia.

Currently, iron deficiency anemia in children is extremely common. In particular, when a baby is iron deficient, if not treated in time, it will affect problems such as behavior, depression or poor motor skills.

Besides, iron is also an important nutrient for the baby's immune system. Therefore, parents should note that iron supplements for children as early as possible. Because young children are iron deficient, so they are very susceptible to infections and bacterial infections.

At the same time, when the baby's body receives too little iron, it is also the cause of reduced mobility of the child. However, these signs will appear when the baby's body has severe anemia and iron deficiency.

In particular, when the baby's body is iron-deficient, it will often be very tired, pale skin, slow growth compared to other children of the same age, difficult to eat, or often irritable and irritable. , …

Therefore, when they see their children have any signs of iron deficiency, parents should find ways to overcome them as soon as possible to help them be healthier.

Children with iron deficiency will be less developed than their peers

The best iron supplements for babies

Red meats are rich in iron

+ Red meats are considered as one of the most abundant and best sources of iron for children. Normally, iron will be contained in many types of meat such as beef, lamb, pork, etc.

In particular, these meats not only help supplement iron for babies but are also rich in protein. With these nutrients, the baby will increase concentration and help the baby be more healthy.


+ Egg yolk is also one of the popular foods and is also very easy to prepare in iron supplementation for babies. However, to achieve the best effect, this egg dish should only be cooked and used immediately, especially not reheated.


Seafood is known to be a good source of calcium for growing bones. At the same time, this is also considered a very rich source of iron for babies. This type of nutrient will help to nourish the brain and help the baby develop more comprehensively.


Whole grains are also an extremely healthy source of iron. However, you should note that when cooking hot cereal, it will reduce the iron content.

Kinds of bean

+ In green beans, red beans, black beans, ... all contain a lot of iron and it is equivalent to red meat. But the iron in these beans is best absorbed through vitamin C.

Dark green vegetables

Dark green leafy vegetables are a rich source of iron. Therefore, you should not ignore these vegetables, in addition, these vegetables also contain many vitamins and minerals that are very good for the baby's body.

Dark green vegetables often contain a lot of iron

In addition to the above iron-rich foods, we encourage parents to combine with Nutrigen naturale nutriferon syrup to double the effectiveness.

In particular, with the listed functional foods distributed by Amvipharm, it helps parents quickly and thoroughly resolve concerns about nutrition in young children. At the same time, this is also the best solution to help children more healthy.

With these functional foods, parents can rest assured that their children can use them. Because these products only have functions, they help to improve health and help strengthen the baby's resistance better.

For young children, to help them stay healthy, it is best for parents to build a scientific diet for them and regular physical exercise.

With the useful information shared above, hopefully, it will help readers better understand how to supplement iron for babies properly and most effectively. But to help the baby be more healthy, parents should add some functional foods for the baby!

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