Is it easy or difficult to educate a 3-year-old?

If ever a father, mother. Surely we are no stranger to the saying "crisis of age 3" in children. Because during this period, children tend to learn many new things from their parents and from the outside world. Therefore, this is also a ripe time for parents to teach their children the most rewarding things.

The world around has many new and interesting things that parents want to teach their children. Usually, many parents think that these things will be taught by the school and their teachers. But actually studying in school is not enough. Because it would be much more wonderful if the parents are the ones who teach the best things to children. So, what should we teach them when they are 3 years old? Let Amvipharm help you learn right in the following article content.

Children 3 years old is a period that many parents need to be careful in teaching children

Be physically active

Health is the most important thing every child needs to have. Therefore, parents should practice children to exercise or play sports to increase their resistance and health in children.

In particular, at the age of 3, the child is also very active. Therefore, do not worry that a lot of activity will make your child tired. It is best to practice for your child to play a single sport such as swimming or soccer, ...

Along with that, you should also practice for children the habit of getting up early and being physically active in the morning. This is a good habit and you should let your child maintain it. Because later when they grow up, they will thank you because this habit has a very good effect on your health.

Children regularly exercise to improve their health and learn more

Form communication skills in children

Children aged 3 years old can speak clearly and easily express their wishes through words. However, children still cannot know how to communicate and behave appropriately. That is why parents need to teach children appropriate communication skills. Because training from an early age will become a good habit after children grow up.

In particular, this age of the baby is also very often imitate the words of adults. Therefore, we ourselves need to be an example and teach children basic ways of communication. Specifically, teaching children how to say thank you, hello and sorry. At the same time, parents should also teach children when it is necessary to ask for permission, praise or suggest others.

In addition, parents should also pay attention and be careful in what they say to their children. Talk to children gently and politely, they will also learn your way of talking and of course talk politely to everyone.

Train dexterity

Is training dexterity for a 3-year-old child superfluous? Not at all, but it is extremely necessary to teach children dexterity. Especially when children are at an age that wants to learn and learn about things around. Which includes the movement to create the ingenuity of the child's hands.

The mother can help children practice dexterity by teaching them to color, play clay, color, play musical instruments, ... Through the above ways, children not only get dexterity but also a premise. to help children increase their aesthetics as well as the ability to recognize colors, shapes extremely effectively.

Practicing skill in children is very necessary

Above are the ways to teach children at the age of 3 that we parents need to keep in mind. Hopefully, Amvipharm's sharing will be a solid support for you to teach your children the most effectively.

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