Is the way mothers accompany their babies and their premature babies smart?

Read the article below to learn about how mothers accompany their babies and answer the question of whether premature babies are smart!

Babies born before 37 weeks' gestation may not be as bad as moms think. Although premature babies tend to have slower abilities and signs of giftedness, if parents are to accompany their children's development, this is probably not a big problem anymore. Read the article below to learn about how mothers accompany their babies and answer the question of whether premature babies are smart!

The role of developmental milestones in preterm infants

Whether they are born at term or premature, parents cannot easily determine whether their children are smart or have outstanding talents. It also depends on many factors throughout the child's development and growth. If you compare the child's best developmental milestones, but you can't see what your child should have in the list, mothers should not immediately conclude that their child is not intelligent.

Premature babies and what parents should know

The normal babbling milestone will fall around 6 years old, and many full term babies follow this milestone. For many gifted children, this happens very late, with a baby up to 2 years old to be able to babble. Smart babies often quietly pay more attention to listen, watch and observe more until they are really ready to be able to say the most complete sentences. So mothers should not worry too much about this issue because this may also be a sign of intelligent babies.

Are premature babies intelligent?

The only and most complete answer is that premature babies can still be intelligent. In fact, premature babies are often very sensitive, that is, the ability to overstimulate the sensation, also known as sensory integration dysfunction. But this is also not common among premature babies.

Premature babies are often very sensitive

Smart children do not always have to follow the development path in accordance with predetermined standards but instead are an asynchronous development process combined with many different factors. Smart children may develop better brain than their peers, but their physical development can be poor, even slower, and so can premature babies.

Many parents still wonder, worry, when they see their children are not developing properly. If a premature baby shows signs of slow speech or too sensitive, this can be a signal of intelligence, but so mothers often mistakenly think that their baby is slow growing or not intelligent.

Children easily fall into mobility impairment

In fact, the cognitive development of social and emotional and physical skills in preterm infants will be significantly slower than in term babies. Because the younger the baby is born, the higher the risk of complications is. Makes children more susceptible to mobility impairments, behavioral disorders or other chronic medical conditions. These troubles directly affect the child's brain development as well as other bodily functions. Mothers can monitor and through other communication channels to realize the most accurate children's development and can encourage their children to develop at the right time.

How can premature babies catch up?

Premature babies do best when parents know how to provide their children with a stable environment and schedule. Most babies born prematurely just don't have to be born too early or have serious health problems, when they reach a certain age, usually two years old can keep up with their development.

Accompanying your child throughout the development process

Parents should provide their children with a comfortable environment instead of relying on assistive machines or can help their children develop well by regularly giving their child skin-to-skin contact from the moment they are in contact with their child. Some other important things parents should be aware of are:

 - Should be close, talk more with the baby

 - Eye contact

 - Sing to your baby

 - Play with your baby

 - Parents should pay a lot of attention and observe how their baby reacts to friends for timely encouragement to help their children confidently and comfortably catch up.

These activities can stimulate the development of babies, especially premature babies. In addition, premature babies get tired quickly and need a lot of sleep, so parents should watch for signs when the baby is active.


Parents' accompanying process is always the greatest motivation for children to overcome their fears. For premature babies, the mother is also a friend to be with during the baby's development.

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