Zinc supplementation for anorexia children from deliciously processed zinc-rich foods will help children regain their taste buds gradually.

According to the recommendation of the American Institute of Food and Nutrition Medicine, the maximum amount of zinc that is safe for children aged 1-3 years to consume is 7mg, and children aged 4-8 years is 12mg. But overdosing of zinc consumption for a long period of time will lead to zinc poisoning.

Great food sources of zinc supplements for babies suffering from anorexia


1. Oysters


Kumamoto Oysters | Citarella


Oysters are at the top of the list as a medium sized oyster contains 5.3mg of zinc. In addition, oysters are also rich in protein, low in calories, rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C, B12 and iron. Oyster porridge is probably an easy dish to cook and is loved by many children.


2. Crabs and lobsters


Tiree Lobster and Crab | Isle of Tiree


These are the typical seafoods that are rich in zinc. Apart from crab and lobster, fishes such as sardines, halibut, and salmon also contain zinc, but in smaller amounts. The eye-catching orange color of crab and shrimp when cooked will be so attractive that your baby cannot help but taste it. In addition, the source of zinc from crab and shrimp is also very good for your baby's heart.


3. Red meat and poultry


The Buzz: Red Meat vs. White Meat


Beef, pork and chicken are the three types of meat that are nutritious, especially rich in zinc, and so easy to find. You should choose lean meat, fat-free or small ribs to prepare for your baby. Beef with onion sauce, beef roll with betel leaves, boiled chicken, chicken soup or sweet and sour stir-fried ribs (without bones) are great suggestions for your baby's meal.


4. Legumes


The 9 Healthiest Beans and Legumes You Can Eat


Legumes are generally rich in fiber, iron and zinc. It is a major shortcoming if you forget to add zinc to your baby's diet with beans. Black beans, green beans, red beans, white beans ... will create a colorful meal that stimulates the baby's appetize.


5. Vegetables


Easy Ways to Eat More Vegetables in Every Meal (even if you hate the way they taste and struggle with changing bad habits)


Did you know that some fruits and vegetables like mushrooms, spinach, broccoli and garlic are rich in zinc as well as vitamins and minerals? These are important food sources to supplement iron for your anorexia baby and does not contain too much calories.


6. Nuts


Are Nuts Fruits?


Nuts such as pumpkin nut, cashews, peanuts, and chia seeds provide essential amounts of zinc for children daily. Mom can make salad and sprinkle some nuts for your baby to enjoy or let your baby eat cashew nuts with salad, yogurt ... But beware of nut allergic symptoms from your chidren as well as choking hazard when feeding them with this type of food.


7. Grains


Focus on Uzbekistan | 2020-02-03 | World Grain


All grains are rich in Zinc: 62g oats contain about 0.9mg of zinc, 62g brown rice contains about 0.6mg Zinc, a slice of whole grain bread contains 0.5mg zinc.


8. Milk and dairy products


Dairy: Health food or health risk? - Harvard Health Blog - Harvard Health Publishing


Milk in general and yogurt in particular are the essential sources of calcium as well as zinc for children.


9. Dark chocolate


This Is The #1 Best Dark Chocolate Bar We Tasted | Eat This Not That


It is also an essential source of zinc for children. However, mothers should limit the amount of dark chocolate and let your babies eat to no more than 28g (about 1 bar) a day.


The mother can also supplement the amount of zinc needed for children by supplementing products under the consultation of doctors and nutritionists.


Reference: DR. Nguyễn Thường Hạnh (from Hellobacsi)

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