Amvi would like to introduce to parents a product called NUTRIGEN SUPRA SYRUP - This is a product that helps supplement nutrients for children in the most complete way

The common point of Vietnamese parents today are overly concerned about the nutritional problem in their children. Because of this reason, parents tend to "force" their children to eat and drink a lot of milk to provide nutrients for the body. This inadvertently turns meals into children's obsessions that are difficult to erase. Understanding this, Amvi would like to introduce to parents a product called NUTRIGEN SUPRA SYRUP - This is a product that helps supplement nutrients for children in the most complete way. Every meal is no longer the fatigue and obsession of both mother and baby.

NUTRIGEN SUPRA SYRUP - The product provides excellent nutrition for children


NUTRIGEN SUPRA SYRUP is one of Amvi's # 1 supplements. Instead of trying to force the child to eat. Now, NUTRIGEN SUPRA SYRUP will help the mothers will be completely comfortable and do not need to worry too much about the child's nutrition.

As we mentioned above, this product helps replenish essential nutrients in the body. Specifically, it provides up to 13 vitamins and 10 different anti-substances that are essential for the children's body.

Effects of vitamins

Vitamins are provided with up to 13 types, including: Vitamin A, Vitamin B (1-2-3-5-6-7-9-12), Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K. Accordingly, the role of vitamins affects children as follows:

 - Vitamin A: This vitamin helps to brighten the eyes and contributes to effective anti-aging.

 - Vitamin B: Helps children eat well and plays an important role in the development of the nervous system.

 - Vitamin C: This vitamin is used in many beauty treatments. Because it helps in reducing oxidation in the human body. Besides, it also helps to increase the strength of the vessel wall and treat dangerous hemorrhagic diseases.

 - Vitamin D: Vitamin D contributes significantly to the development of the skeletal system. Without vitamin D, a child's body will be very susceptible to dangerous bone and joint diseases.

 - Vitamin E: Vitamin E assists in the treatment of cellular diseases or skin diseases.

 - Vitamin K: Plays an intimate role in the blood clotting of the body. Therefore, when there is a lack of vitamin K, the wounds will bleed continuously because the blood is difficult to clot.

The product is provided with up to 13 vitamins for children

The effects of minerals

In NUTRIGEN SUPRA SYRUP there are 10 different types of minerals, including: Calcium Lactate, Monosodium Phosphate, Magiesium Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate, Folic Acid, Potassium Iodine, Chromium Cloride, Sodium Selenite, Sodium Molybdate, D-Biotin. Accordingly, the role of these minerals for the body is extremely necessary.

 - Magnesium: Helps the digestive system function to be more stable, especially spasmodic muscles and nerve impulses. In addition, it also aids in blood sugar control, maintaining bone strength and regulating blood pressure.

 - Iron: A nutrient needed for the creation of blood cells, providing oxygen for other cells to function.

 - Selenium: Affects the growth of white blood cells and effectively suppresses metabolic disorders in the digestive system.

 - Zinc: Play a role in stimulating the activity of enzymes, supporting the children's immune system to develop healthy.

 - Potassium: An important nutrient for the central nervous system and helps with fluid balance in the body.

 - Chloride: This is a component of gastric juice, it helps the body to balance the fluid system in the body.

 - Sodium: Sodium, when combined with chloride, will help balance extracellular fluid, thereby helping to regulate blood pressure.

In addition, Amvi's NUTRIGEN SUPRA SYRUP also helps to enhance the health and well-being development of young children. With natural orange flavor is easy to drink. We affirm that this is a product that will significantly improve the child's anorexia, help to eat better, make children healthier and make mothers more satisfied.

More than 10 nutrients in the product help support the health of children

How to use the most effective products

To use this product for the most effective way. The mother should pay attention to the following notes.

 - Children 3 years and older: 15ml daily.

 - Children 2-3 years: 10ml daily.

 - Children 1-2 years: 10ml daily

 - Children 6 months - 12 months: 5ml per day.

Absolutely do not exceed the dosage that we have presented above. In cases where children are allergic to the ingredients of the product, fish oil, milk, eggs and nuts, it is absolutely not recommended for children to use. Especially, it is a product that helps provide nutrients effectively for children. But this food is not medicine and is ineffective in substituting for medicine. So mothers do not use a substitute for normal diet and overdo it.

From the information that we have shared with you about the NUTRIGEN SUPRA SYRUP above. Surely you also understand the importance of this product for the development of children. So, if you are in need of buying products in large quantities, do not hesitate to contact Amvi right away for our most specific advice and answers.

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