Nutritional sources help increase resistance for children

Young children often have very poor resistance. Especially when the weather starts to change seasons, children are more susceptible to minor diseases that many parents worry about. Therefore, many parents have learned about many different ways to increase children's resistance. Besides always keeping warm, getting enough sleep, washing your hands clean, getting vaccinated, ..., the source of nutrition for your child is a simple but extremely effective way.

Because in fact, there are many foods today that contain many nutrients to help children strengthen the immune system. Not only that, nutritious food is also a factor for the stable development of the child's body and mind. So, immediately follow Amvipharm to find out the content of the following article to know what foods should be added to your child.

Children have weak resistance, so they often need to increase resistance

Nutritional foods for children


Yogurt is an incredibly healthy food. Especially for the child's digestive system. Because in the composition of yogurt there are many probiotic beneficial bacteria. This is a probiotic to help children improve digestion effectively. In addition, these probiotics also contribute to stimulating the immune system. Thanks to that, the child's resistance is increased and helps the child to fight all diseases.

However, when the baby is feeding yogurt, it should also be noted that the baby should use yogurt with no sugar or less sugar. Because sugar is one of the factors that adversely affect children's resistance.

Nuts and grains

- Almonds: Almonds contain manganese, vitamins that help boost immune cell activity in the child's body effectively. Not only plays a role in increasing the child's resistance, but they also help fight viruses, bacteria and some external diseases.

- Walnuts: Walnuts contain more omega 3 fatty acids. It helps children to increase resistance. Simultaneously fight all illnesses and limit respiratory infections in children.

- Oats: Oats are rich in beta-glucan. It has a role in helping to stimulate the activity of immune cells in the body. These cells contribute to the immune system in the baby.

Besides the above seeds, you can also add pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, ...


Vitamin D deficiency is one of the reasons why children are very susceptible to disease. However, eggs are one of the foods high in vitamin D for children. In addition, eggs also contain other nutrients such as selenium, vitamin B. That is why eggs are a food that mothers should trust for their babies.

Eggs contain a lot of vitamin D, good for children


Lean meat is a food that contains protein, which is an important nutrient for children to maintain health. Besides, in lean meat also contains zinc. Zinc is the substance that helps white blood cells work effectively. At the same time, it also fights infections and increases the child's resistance.


Salmon is a food that is very rich in omega 3 fatty acids. This is a nutrient that is not only extremely necessary for a child's brain. But it also plays a role in helping to protect the lungs, reduce inflammation, ... In particular, according to recent studies. The fatty acids in salmon also help strengthen the child's immune cell functions effectively. Thanks to that, the child's resistance is also increased.

Green vegetables and fruits

It is not natural that experts always encourage people to regularly eat green vegetables and fruits. Because they are always in the top of the foods containing many nutrients that help strengthen the child's resistance. In their composition, they contain many vitamins E, A, C. Besides, there are other substances such as selenium, zinc, manganese, iron, ...

In addition, green vegetables also contain a lot of fiber to help protect the child's digestive system in a healthy way and prevent constipation. Therefore, the addition of green vegetables for children in each meal is very essential.

Importantly, Amvipharm also encourages you to combine these foods with NUTRIGEN NATURALE IMMUNO SYRUP to double the effectiveness. This is a product that helps improve health, enhance resistance, helps reduce the risk of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract effectively due to poor resistance.


Hopefully with the information that Amvipharm has shared above. Parents should pay more attention in caring to increase the child's resistance in the most effective way.

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