Anorexia is always a concern of mothers, when most children are easy to eat, some are very picky. For mothers with very picky eaters, they often indulge their children with 'easy' dishes like instant noodles or delicious fried foods. However, feeding children with few food options that they like over and over does not help achieve a balanced meal, and often leads to a lack of vitamins and minerals. Research from the American Institute of Nutrition shows that children in the first 1000 days with a picky eating routine are more deficient in essential minerals and vitamins than children on a varied diet. So what should mothers pay attention at their children to realize this situation and make the diet to be more reasonable?


Children are often lazy and tired


Children are always active and full of energy. If your child is often lying down or just watching cartoons on TVs and smart devices, it could be a sign of consistent tireness due to iron deficiency and possibly anemia. If it continues for a long time, it can even lead to depression and fatigue.


Children are unable to focus properly


Lacking in zinc can be the cause difficulty in concentrating. Many studies demonstrate that low zinc levels in children can significantly impact the ability to receive and acknowledge information. Children who are picky about foods that are rich in zinc such as meat, certain vegetables, nuts and seeds. However, mothers can still supplement zinc for children with different types of cereal which are naturally easy to eat.


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Children's skin is often dry


When moisturizer cannot help baby's dry skin, besides weather factors, vitamin deficiency can also be the cause. Dry skin lacks in water and moisture, additionally children also need to absorb fatty acids, potassium, vitamins A, E and D. Mothers can always supply their children with enough vitamins and minerals by using functional and supplement products according to advices from doctors and physicists. 


Hình ảnh có thể có: một hoặc nhiều người và ảnh cận cảnh, văn bản cho biết 'Amvipharm'


Children gain and loss weight erratically


The erratic increase in weight of the baby may be caused by unhealthy eating habits or inappropriate diets. Picky eater often want to eat only certain types of food and absorb very little fiber, many experts in Vietnam believe that "picky eaters often consume mainly one food group, typically dairy products". Parents often think that the more milk they drink, the healthier they become, but this will adversely affect their eating habits and make them feel less appetite with other foods.


Children, the weight issue and how we deal with this responsibly? - Say


Moms can always provide many vitamins and minerals to their children by giving them natural foods and a scientific diet. In many cases where more supplements are needed, functional foods for children are also a reasonable choice. And always remember to consult your doctor and nutritionist before choosing vitamin supplements for your child.


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