Slow baby is related to vitamin deficiency

For parents, every step in a child's life is always a moment that they always remember. Because this is a time to mark the growth and development of your child. However, at present there are quite a few cases where even though they are 18 months old, they are still unable to walk step by step. Experts call this case slowing down.

This makes many fathers and mothers feel worried. That is also the reason why in the following article, Amvipharm will help you learn about the causes of this situation of babies.

Quite a few children reach the age of 18 months but still slow down

Slow baby is related to many different causes

According to current infant studies, the babies from birth until they can stand up on their own and toddlers are around 12 to 14 months of age. Therefore, when a child is 18 months old but still cannot walk, it is largely due to physical strength and various reasons.

Baby slows down due to brain damage after birth

The brain is the organ that helps the baby's body function. So, if the baby's brain is damaged after birth, it will cause their motor ability to be seriously affected.

Due to premature birth

Babies born prematurely, specifically in the period of 20-34 weeks, will be very vulnerable to bad risks. Because at this time, the baby's body and functions are still not 100% complete. So, the child's body will also become weaker and more difficult to walk like other friends of the same age.

Baby has problems with bones and joints

Osteoarthritis is one of the problems that slow your baby down. Because, the baby's body structure is entangled with diseases that lead to debilitating leg bone defects, muscle atrophy…. Therefore, the child's ability to walk is not as normal, especially the baby's ability to maintain balance.

Holding the baby too much

This is one of the mistakes that many parents often make. Due to holding babies a lot without letting them come into contact with everything around them, they will lose the ability to stand up and learn to walk by themselves like any other baby.

The baby has a medical condition that makes it difficult to walk

A child with a disease also makes walking not as convenient as many other children. Accordingly, a number of diseases that affect the child's walking are: Congenital venous catheterization; Congenital heart disease; Congenital biliary atrophy; Atrophy of the liver; Glass bones.

Pathology is one of the reasons why children cannot walk

Mother feeding baby not according to science

Any child will love greasy foods, fast food, soft drinks, ... At the same time, they will not like foods that contain many nutrients such as meat, fish, etc. vegetables, ... Therefore, many mothers have indulged in their children's eating preferences and accidentally make their baby lack of quality.

When your baby is deprived of nutrients and vitamins for a long time, it will make health impaired, stunted body, and the whole body difficult to move. Therefore, parents need to immediately add Vitamin D and calcium in children's meals.

In addition to the lack of quality, the overweight child will also have a harder time walking than other babies. Because the baby's body is very heavy at this time, the leg has no force, so it is difficult to move or walk. Therefore, parents need to limit overeating because it will adversely affect the balance between the parts of the baby's body.

So, right now. Parents need to pay more attention to the health of their children. By paying more attention to the nutrients your baby needs to be absorbed. Accordingly, so that the baby can develop healthy. The use of NUTRIGEN SUPRA SYRUP products is what mothers should pay attention to. The product helps to supplement up to 13 vitamins and 10 minerals for the body. From there, support to strengthen the health of the child in the best way.

NUTRIGEN SUPRA SYRUP helps supplement nutrients for children

Hopefully with the information that Amvipharm has shared above. You will have a lot more experience and attention in the development of young children. From there, support and supplement the most essential nutrients in your child's journey of growth.

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