Successful and intelligent parenting is not enough

Any parent wants to raise their children to be very intelligent. However, just that much is not enough. Kindness is one of the very things that parents need to teach their children when they are young. Because at this stage, the child is in the development process and is the easiest time to teach children.

Smart child rearing alone is not enough

Kurt Vonnegut - An American writer has produced a work called "Hello baby!". In it there is a rather interesting quote: “Welcome to Earth. Here, spring is warm, summer is hot, autumn is cool and winter is cold and very cold. The Earth is round, wet, and crowded. Baby, you can live up to 100 years here. There is only one rule that I know, baby here, is that you have to be nice people. ”

As can be seen, this excerpt has brought us very meaningful values. It's even more important than teaching your kids math exercises. Or teaching children to be kind is better than any other awards that every child wins under the pressure of their parents.

In short, when you live the world. People won't really remember how good a learner you are. What people care about is actually whether you live a good life and are a good-hearted person or not.

Human beauty does not lie in beauty values

To judge someone, people never look at their outer beauty. What they look at is the kindness that exists within their souls. This earth is a place full of joys, sorrows and emotions. It is these things that make our earth more beautiful. But it is also the weakness that each of us is facing.

Therefore, the best way we should do it is to live well. If so, even though life has enough feelings of happiness, anger, love, and oh. People also know how to use kindness to reconcile each other. Therefore, it is very important that parents teach their children kindness. If we do not, perhaps we will bury a pure and beautiful seed from this very moment.

The human value is not in the beauty of the outside

Every child needs to grow up in kindness

So is any child. They also need to be raised in kindness. This largely depends on your teaching and modeling. Accordingly, we - parents need to know how to be exemplary and become an example for children to follow. Because children will learn very quickly and remember for a long time what their parents and society teach them.

If at a young age, parents do not teach their children how to distinguish good from bad. Later, when they go to society, they will follow the footsteps and follow the wrong things that they themselves cannot know if that is good or not.

So, teach children to be kind right now in the following ways:

 - If you are having a difficult person. Please give them compassion

 - When anyone makes a mistake, don't judge them in a hurry

 - If you accidentally have to go through a very bad day. Don't be quick to bring this frustration on someone else's head.

It sounds easy to say, but to do it again is a difficult thing. Therefore, parents also need to teach children the determination to be able to do everything.

I remember someone once said this: “The future of an entire country depends in large part on great parents. They themselves have a smart mind to be able to teach their children to be talented ”. And whether Vietnam will follow in the footsteps and become the second Singapore or not also depends a lot on each person living in life with great kindness.

Parents need to be role models for their children to learn good things

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