On last Friday (October 9th, 2020), the team-building event "TOGETHER WE PLANT OUR TREES, TOGETHER WE GROW" occured at Amvipharm's factory campus in Cu Chi. Although the weather was not favorable in the beginning, it gradually improved and the Amvipharm team successfully completed the task.



Trees have always been the witnesses to many significant milestones, they have existed for a long time and have always observed the formation and development of human civilization. The trees around us have gone through turning points and important events of our society in general and individuals in particular.

Therefore, the implementation of the tree planting event also means to create a starting mark, a milestone for Amvipharm's journey of operation and development. The trees planted today will testify to the difficulties we will overcome and the successes we will achieve in the future.

When these trees grow, the directors and staffs at Amvipharm will always have the opportunity to look back at the process of working, solving tasks and achieving new achievements together.

Let's take a look at the photos taken from Amvipharm's event "TOGETHER WE PLANT OUR TREES, TOGETHER WE GROW"!


Amvipharm's board of directors inspecting the trees before starting work


Amvipharm's general director Amin Muhammad Jaudat starting to plant the trees


Teams from various departments at Amvipharm's factory alongside with directors assisting each others throughout the event.


The office team at Ho Chi Minh City participating with high enthusiasm


Although the weather were not favourable, the Amvipharm's team still excellently finished the work


Amvipharm Editing team


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