To use the website, please read thoroughly the terms and conditions



1. Concept

_ “Security information”: the information and documents related to the private data, intellectual property, and business operation of customers, including, but not limited to, data that is material and immaterial, intuitive, digital, written, verbal, available at the time or will be available in the future.

_ “Inevitable”: the present of events that occur beyond expectation, including, but not limited to, change of government policies, natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, tsunami, etc.), fire, war, riot, strike or other impacts from disasters.


2. The right of intellectual ownership

_ Amvipharm has the right to change the layout and upgrade functions of the service without prior notice.

_ Amvipharm does not give you any rights or permissions, even if they were specific and implied to the company’s system or any parts of it.


3. The right of configuring information

_ Moreover, when using any specific services, you and Amvipharm will rely on the additional conditions, terms and guidance that are applied on those services.

_ All the tutorial and rules that follow are viewed as a part of the structure referring to the Terms & Conditions.

_ If any information in the Terms & Conditions is conflicted with the information from the tutorials and rules, or any of the additional terms, then the terms in the Agreement will get to decide.


4. Field-of-use limitations

Amvipharm does not approve any actions that appeared on the website or any resources related to the website which have the intentions of:

_ To offend the government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

_ To violate the right of personal freedom; to embarrass, humiliate or smear other’s integrity; to cause any damages and disadvantages to others.

_ To disrupt public order; to perform an act of criminal offense.

_ To distribute and spread personal data of the third party without their permission.

_ To use for the purpose of personal business or commercial activities without prior approval in the form of documents from Amvipharm, such as competitions, bets, trades, advertisements, or multi-level marketing.

_ To use any devices, software, or methods with the intentional purpose of disrupting or violating the website’s activities.

_ Any activities that are illegal and/or forbidden according to the corresponding laws.

_ Any actions that violate to the legal rights and benefits of Amvipharm

_ Any actions that we find inappropriate


5. Security of data information

_ You commit and admit that: When Amvipharm accesses your account, you will not have any complaints toward Amvipharm regarding to this action.

_ Amvipharm admits that: Amvipham will not abuse the right of access to use the relevant information about you for illegal and commercial purposes; or affect the management of your account.

_ Amvipharm guarantees to keep secret of all data that you provided for Amvipharm and never reveal to any third parties. Except when it is requested by an authorized government agency.


6. Limitations of responsibility

In any situations, Amvipharm is not responsible for any occurred conflicts between:

_ You and any third party across the globe.

_ Any entity that uses the service and any government agencies, units, and organizations

In any situations, neither sides are responsible to others about any damages to the profit, revenue, commercial advantage, or indirect damages, especially and randomly, the element of karma, business interruption or the factor of threatening, whether those actions appear in the contract or not despite any reason of the request.