The secret "gold" helps increase height in children

According to the latest announcement from the National Institute of Nutrition. Currently, Vietnamese children have the lowest height in Southeast Asia. This is not only limited to genetic genes, but it is also a consequence of many different causes. So how to improve the child's height. Right in the following article, Amvipharm will help you learn important tips to help increase height in children.

Every parent wants children to develop height

The secret to increase height in children

Genetics is something that we cannot change when we want to improve height in children. Therefore, mothers need to focus on the following other equally important factors.

Children get enough sleep

Sleep is one of the important factors affecting a child's height. Because while the baby sleeps, the skeletal system will be strongly developed. Especially in the time frame from 22h to 3am. At this time, growth hormone in children will be secreted the most and help increase calcium absorption. So, parents need to train children the habit of going to bed early and getting enough sleep to improve height.

Encourage your child to be active often

Moderate exercise will help the fish muscles stretch and bones strong. In addition, being active will also help produce hormones to increase the child's bone length.

Also, after exercise. The child's body also releases energy. This helps the baby sleep well, eat well and help the body develop better.

Improve posture in children

Sitting or standing position in children also plays an important role in affecting height in children. For example, children sit in the wrong posture when studying, stand handcuffed, wear a lot of bags, .... So, you need to adjust your child's posture from an early age so that your child can practice a good habit.

Improve good posture to help children develop a better height

Improve living environment

Although it sounds unreasonable, but in fact the living environment also has a lot to do with the well-being of children. Parents should not let their children play games from a young age as they can be addictive. This has a great influence on the process of increasing height in children.

Besides, you also need to create a healthy living environment for your children. Parents should not smoke, limit the use of stimulants, avoid causing conflicts in the family, ...

Nutrition for children

In fact, nutrition is the most important factor that largely determines the height growth in children. So, as soon as the child is a fetus. Mothers need to provide enough important nutrients for their children. At the same time, after being born, the baby also needs to be maintained breastfed for the first 6 months of life.

Besides, depending on the age that your baby needs to eat appropriate diets. Only then can the baby develop the best height. In each child's meal, mothers should try to provide enough 4 main food groups, including: Concentrates. carbohydrates, fats and some other vitamins and minerals. At the same time add some foods high in calcium for children. Thus, new children quickly develop and increase height rapidly.

In addition to the above methods, mothers can also give their children with NUTRIGEN GROWMEGA FISH OIL SYRUP. This product helps to supplement DHA and EPA, L-Arginine, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B2, Vitamin K and 4 minerals. Support for fostering health to help children develop healthy.


Hopefully, with the above sharing of children, parents need to pay more attention to the secrets to help increase height in children. So that children can develop healthily and grow bigger.

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