Anorexia is typical of children's behavior. By refusing to eat, your kids is initially having independent thoughts for themselves. Here are some of the common responses from children during a meal:

_ Decide not to eat food based on color or shape.
_ Eat nothing else but only a few types of food.
_ Refuse to try any new foods.
_ Loss of interest in the food that the he/she used to like.
_ Want to try eating with a spoon or fork by themselves.


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How to create healthy eating habits


_ Give your children a sufficient amount: Do not force them to eat too much, depending on the age, give them enough or even less food to encourage children to ask for more.

_ Patience: Let your children try a variety of foods, it can take many times for them to try.

_ Let your children join in the preparation: from shopping to cooking, let them observe and participate will help your children more interested in eating.

_ Food presentation: attracting children to eat with fun and beautiful food designs.

_ Give your child choices: instead of just feeding, give choices so that children can decide what they want to eat.

_ Be a good role model: If your children see you eating a variety of good foods, he/she will imitate and eat like you.


Portion Control: Serving Size Chart for Kids - Children's Health


Comfortable meal times:


_ Clear timing: always inform children 10 - 15 minutes in advance, children often do not want to eat right after playing. Switch from playtime to mealtime appropriately.

_ Create a habit: arrange meals with a fixed time and place for yout children to eat.

_  Only eat: Do not let your child play with toys, electronics, read books or watch TV while eating. Always sit and eat with the family during meal time.


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Things to consider:


_ Do not force your child to finish everything: When he/she is no longer hungry, just stop. Forcing them to eat can interfere with the natural signals that tell children when they are full.

_ Do not "trick" children: do not promise to give rewards to get children to eat, that will create negative effects on the children's habits. Screaming or threatening them will make it even worse.

_ You can talk to your doctor or a registered dietitian if you are concerned about your child's development to find the best methods and supplements for your child's overall development.


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(Reference: U.S Department of Agriculture, U.S Clinical Library of Children Nutrition)

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