Vitamins and minerals are essential for children

vitamins and minerals play a very important role in children's development

For young children, vitamins and minerals play a very important role in children's development. To know which vitamins and minerals they are, please join us in the following article.

Vitamin and mineral supplements for babies

The role of vitamins and minerals in the baby's body

Vitamins are one of the important nutrients and help your baby develop better. Mostly, vitamins will be supplemented into the baby's body through the daily use of foods.

This is an important nutrient that will help maintain life and build cells. At the same time, Vitamins are also involved in the metabolism of substances inside the baby's body and help strengthen the immune system.

Besides, Vitamin is also understood as a catalyst and helps create energy to help children be healthier and more supple. At the same time, vitamins also have the ability to protect the baby's body from harmful agents from the outside environment.

Minerals play an important role in maintaining the development of teeth, bones and muscles. At the same time, it will also contribute to supporting the function of the nervous system extremely effectively.

Therefore, the addition of vitamins and minerals is extremely necessary to help your baby become healthier. Normally, minerals and vitamins will be provided mainly through foods. Therefore, parents should build a scientific diet for your baby.

Consult vitamins and minerals important to your baby

Essential Vitamins

Vitamin A plays a role in promoting growth and helping your baby to be more healthy. Besides, it also helps baby's skin become rosy, eyes brighter and has the ability to help prevent infectious diseases from the outside environment.

Normally, foods rich in Vitamin A will be contained in fish oil, liver and eggs. Or the orange, red and dark green vegetables will also transform into vitamin A when added to the baby's body.

Vitamin B plays a role in boosting the nervous system and converting food into energy quickly. As such, it will help your baby develop comprehensively. Normally, Vitamin B is found in dairy products, eggs, meat or whole grains and especially nuts.

Vitamin C has the ability to help heal wounds when babies are playing with a fall and helps to absorb iron extremely effectively. Usually this vitamin C is abundant in citrus fruits, tomatoes and especially broccoli, spinach.

Vitamin D plays an important role in helping your baby's body absorb calcium. This vitamin is often found in abundance in fish oil, eggs, margarine and most importantly, sunshine

Vitamin E is one of the best anti-oxidant and helps protect the cells inside the baby's body. Usually this vitamin will be contained in avocados, vegetable oils, fish, eggs, ...

Types of minerals

Calcium is an essential mineral that helps keep bones and teeth stronger. In foods such as milk, cheese, salmon, ... will contain a lot of calcium. Therefore, parents should supplement this important nutrient to help their baby be healthier.

Iron helps to nourish the blood and this is also an extremely important mineral for the overall development of the baby. Usually, this nutrient will cure a lot in red meats or green leafy vegetables and whole grains.

Zinc is known as a mineral that can help maintain immune function for your baby very well. In particular, when the lack of zinc will make the baby anorexia, causing serious neurological disorders.

Iodine is found in foods such as: tuna, cod or salmon and shrimp. At the same time, this mineral is also found in egg yolks, fresh milk or cheese, ...

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Hopefully, with the information that Amvipharm has shared above, it will help you to better understand the vitamins and minerals necessary for your baby's development. Besides, you should also add some functional foods to help your baby develop the best.

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