What to do if your baby eats a lot still doesn't gain weight?

There are many children who eat a lot, but still do not gain weight. This has caused many parents to worry and take their children to the doctor. However, the answer they receive is often due to "ground" or "poor absorption". But in fact, the cause sometimes comes from the habits of adults.

There are many children, no matter how much they eat, they still do not gain weight

Cause the baby eats a lot but doesn't gain weight

The baby eats a lot but has little quality

There are many mothers who often feed their babies according to their preferences without checking to see if it has enough nutrients for their babies. Because as recommended, each of us should supplement from 15 to 20 different foods. Thanks to that, new nutrients are enough to enhance the health and brain of young children.

Eat a lot but not enough

Many mothers now think that their children only need to eat a certain amount of food and have enough rations for each meal. For example, children 1 year old need to eat a full bowl of porridge for a meal. A day eat four porridge meals with 500 ml of milk. Therefore, if the baby does not eat enough with the above amount, it will not meet the child's needs.

Forcing to eat more but in excess

Many parents see that the baby is emaciated and constantly force the child to eat. But this is beyond the ability of the child to allow digestion. For example, for 6-month-olds. They can only eat a maximum of ½ bowl of flour. Because if children eat a lot, they will not be able to digest them all. Even the leftovers in the abdomen will cause indigestion, bloating as well as digestive disorders. This leads to gastrointestinal disturbances in children leading to severe weight loss.

Many but not suitable

Each baby has a different condition. Therefore, depending on the condition of each baby, the ability to digest or absorb is not the same. Therefore, forcing a child to eat like his or her peers can be overwhelming. So, you need to appropriately reduce the amount of milk and the amount of eating. This helps the child to digest better.

In addition, there are a number of children suffering from diseases of the liver, intestines, allergies, genetics, ... These diseases contribute to reducing the ability to digest and absorb food in children.

Not only that, if the child has some endocrine diseases such as pituitary dwarfism, hypothyroidism, or premature birth, fetal malnutrition, ... These are all causes of slow growth.

Babies eat a lot, but not suitable foods can not gain weight

Infected with worms, helminths

Infection with worms and fluke is one of the reasons why children eat a lot but they are extremely slow to grow. So parents should be deworming periodically every 6 months for their children.

Baby is too active

One of the reasons children don't gain weight may be because they are hyperactive and love to run and jump too much. Because it consumes a lot of energy, even if a child eats a lot, he or she will gain weight very slowly.

Vitamin deficiencies

Vitamins are one of the extremely important substances that parents need to supplement their children so that their children can gain weight and develop. To know which vitamins are deficient in children, mothers need to closely monitor the child's symptoms.

 - Lack of Vitamin C: Children have fatigue all over the body, yellow teeth and easily subsidence

 - Lack of Vitamin A: Children are afraid of light, have dry, rough skin and little tears

 - Lack of Vitamin B1: Loss of appetite, irritability and low urine output

 - Lack of Vitamin D: The child's hair falls out in the shape of a scarf, often sweats and grows very slowly. While sleeping, children often startled and expressed frustration and irritability.

 - Vitamin B12 deficiency: Young hair is slightly yellow, anorexia, diarrhea, white face and frequent vomiting.


The above are manifestations in children when they are deficient in any vitamins. Therefore, if the child has the above symptoms. Mothers should supplement essential vitamins for children through meals. However, in parallel with that, mothers also need to give children more products: NUTRIGEN SUPRA SYRUP with the use of helping to supplement 13 vitamins and 10 minerals to the body. Support to enhance the health of young children and help them gain weight effectively.

Hopefully, with the above sharing, parents will pay more attention in taking care of their children through meals so that their children can gain weight effectively.

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