What to do when the child does not like to eat vegetables?

One of the issues in children that are always most concerned by parents today is nutrition. However, not all children like to eat vegetables. Even the vast majority of kids these days hate vegetables. This is not a surprise story but seems to be a common situation in families with young children today. So what to do when the child does not like to eat vegetables? This question is a headache for many parents.

Children do not like to eat vegetables is a common condition

Why do children need to eat green vegetables?

In green vegetables there are a lot of vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and water, ... It helps to replenish energy for children and at the same time help protect children from diseases in the future. Even in today's healthy eating menu. Green vegetables have always been one of the most trusted foods among other food groups.

Therefore, if you eliminate green vegetables from your child's diet. Surely it will greatly affect the formation and development of children. Children are at risk for many dangerous chronic diseases that are life-threatening. In the long run, the child's health will be greatly affected. In which, prominently must mention the situation of malabsorption of food in the child.

So if your kid doesn't like to eat vegetables. Try some of the following remedies right away to stimulate the desire to eat vegetables in your child.

Eating vegetables provides many nutrients for children

How to make children crave vegetables more

Tell your child about the importance of eating vegetables

Before force your child to eat vegetables, tell them why they need to eat. You should hit the child's psychology, the better. For example, for boys, mothers say that eating vegetables will help children be healthier and more active. For girls, eating vegetables will help you look more beautiful, for example ... I believe that with only extremely simple explanations. Children will be more excited about eating vegetables.

Ask children about their favorite vegetables

So that your child can cooperate with you in eating vegetables. Ask them directly which vegetables they want to eat the most. Because when you feed your child the vegetables they love. Children will feel more like eating vegetables than you choose and force them to eat.

Never force your child to eat vegetables if you want them to really hate vegetables. Because in fact, small children and adding vegetables to them is a long journey. So there is nothing that you have to force children to eat vegetables in large quantities.

Fun decorations with vegetables in children's meals

You should try to choose vegetables with different colors, shapes and flavors. Because if the more variety, the more or less children will be interested and find a vegetable that they love.

In addition, every child loves fancy things. Therefore, if you know how to decorate the children's vegetables right on the plate. Children will be more interested in eating vegetables. Or if you are more skilled, turn vegetables into interesting shapes like animals. This will attract attention and help the child eat more vegetables diligently.

Fun decorating with vegetables will help your child enjoy eating vegetables more

Do not force it and give praise when your child eats vegetables

Forcing children to eat vegetables is a huge mistake that many parents today are making. Because if you keep forcing the child in a negative direction, over time, the child will develop a psychology of hate to eat vegetables. Instead, if the child refuses to eat vegetables. You should delay the child's meal by about 20 minutes. If you give your child vegetables for the first time, they don't like it. Be patient to try again and again so that your child can accept the need to eat that. Besides, if you give your baby praise when they eat vegetables. There is a high chance that the child will prefer to eat vegetables because of the motivation from their parents.

Create a happy atmosphere during the meal

A delicious meal is not one with many tempting dishes. The delicious meal is made up of the atmosphere of the meal itself. In a happy atmosphere, your child will also be in the mood to eat and drink. Thanks to that, eating vegetables for children is also much easier.

Above are important notes that Amvipharm wants to share with you about the issue of children not like to eat vegetables. Through the above article, we hope that the parents will find themselves a useful way for children to like to eat vegetables better.

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