Why are children anorexia, you know?

Growing up fast is something any parent would expect. However, many children today often experience symptoms of anorexia. Although this is only a fairly common symptom, it causes many parents to worry. So what is the cause of a child's anorexia? Let's find out with Amvipharm in the following article content.

Anorexia is a common condition in children

The child was forced to eat

It can be seen that anorexia due to psychological problems is very common. Because not all parents fully understand the psychology of the child. In fact, anorexia is partly due to psychological compulsion and constraint into a certain framework.

The ration is not suitable

The child's diet should be appropriate for the child's age. You should also not feed your child too much or too little. At the same time, it is advisable to change dishes slowly and often so that children can adapt easily.

Besides, mothers also need to prepare dishes to suit their baby's taste. This is not only a way to help children feel better. But at the same time also fully supplements the nutrients for the baby.

The diet transition time is not correct

Anorexia children also come from a time of poor diet transition. For example, you give your baby solids too early. Or when your baby is less than 4 months old, you have trained him to eat rice while his / her teeth have not formed enough.

Children snack a lot

There are many parents who often think that giving their child snacks will compensate for the nutritional source that the child is lacking. However, this is a wrong prejudice because many kinds of snacks today contain additives such as sausages, snacks, chips, ... Not to mention these snacks also. Food safety and hygiene have not been ensured. Therefore, when children consume a lot of these snacks, they are very susceptible to gastrointestinal diseases that make their health more and more impaired.

Besides, junk food is not as nutritious as the main meals. Therefore, if the child eats too many snacks, the child will not want to eat more rice. Over time will develop a habit of junk food addiction and children will not want to eat anymore.

Children do not want to eat a lot of junk food

Due to parent psychology

Many parents tend to see their children anorexic than other babies of the same age, so think they are lazy to eat. Meanwhile, the baby's weight and height are still growing steadily. In fact, this is because parents often worry too much and compare their children with other babies. But in fact, depending on each family's nutrition is different, you cannot compare.

Because the child is sick

When your child is sick, you need to remember to give your child more meals. Foods should also be made soft and liquid to help your baby digest. At the same time, the food should be made to suit your baby's taste and appeal.

Besides, you also need to let your baby drink enough water. Especially milk for children with anorexia. Combined with that is the fruit juice with sugar to supplement energy, vitamins as well as minerals for children.

After the child is more than 24 months old, mothers should conduct deworming every 6 months. Along with that is regular oral hygiene as soon as the baby starts to teething. Not only that, parents also need to pay attention when the child begins to show signs of pathology. Should take the child to see a doctor for immediate treatment. Do not let a serious illness then take treatment because it will adversely affect the child's development.

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From the above reasons, you probably share more understanding of the causes that make children anorexic. At the same time, from there, find a solution to help children eat faster.

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